Formwork for circular columns MONOTUB

Is an innovative and affordable solution for concrete formwork consisting of a special type of durable paper, highly resistant to liquid and solid concrete .

Use :
Special formwork for round columns/pillars of concrete. Their use offers smooth surface and reduce the cost of labor in formwork works.

The cylindrical concrete formworks of Monotub show great durability and are avaliable in many diameters.

Results :
The astonishingly smooth appearance of the concrete is the main advantage of the cylindrical paper formwork of Monotub.

Available sizes
Φ20 x 3,00m
Φ25 x 3,00m
Φ30 x 3,00m
Φ35 x 3,00m
Φ40 x 3,00m
Φ45 x 3,00m
Φ45 x 3,00m
Φ50 x 3,00m
Φ55 x 3,00m
Φ60 x 3,00m
Φ65 x 3,00m
Φ70 x 3,00m
Φ75 x 3,00m
Φ80 x 3,00m