Our History

NEOSKAL commenced its business 35 years ago focusing on the production of metallic scaffolds.

The production of NEOSKAL and its product range can cover all kind of needs in the construction sector (concrete building raising, plastering, concrete terraces etc) as well as to all types of technical works as external paints, glass and marble placement and cleaning, service to equipment, ships and refineries.

We also hold the ability and knowhow to assemble and disassemble bleachers, platforms and movable towers to be used in all kind of events.

Our production policies and procedures, the first class raw materials, the experience and loyal personnel together with our up dated equipment have created a complete and certified product range of high quality, based on Greek and European standards.

The professionalism of our experienced and well trained personnel, the accomplishment of all time plans and all agreements together with our product range cover all the needs of our customers no matter if they are professionals or private users.

During the years of our activation we have covered the needs of extremely complicated and demanding technical works while we have cooperated with the biggest construction companies in Greece and with private users as well.