Who we Are

Our company, NEOSKAL was founded by Mr.  Bassilis Trakas, 35 years ago and today his son Christos Trakas is managing the company.

From the first day of operation until today we operate under the guidance of our vision and our target.

Our Target

Our primary and main target is to operate on a totally professional and frank basis with integrity and honesty.We constantly aim in covering all the needs of our customers for products like facet scaffolds, concrete formworks, shoring, painting, plastering and their accessories as well.

 To offer our products to the best market prices

Always satisfy at 100% all terms of our agreements at given time lines.

Our vision

Our Vision is to establish our company and brand name “NEOSKAL “as the company which leads and describes the industry of scaffolds and their satellite products and to build an awareness and recall as the first company to be in the mind of the consumer (professional or not) when the time for selecting a company from our sector, will come.

To provide an excellent working environment with respect to our customers and staff.

To perfectly serve all our customers while offering them safe and integrated solutions.

To operate with respect to the environment and our society.

Our Corporate Values

  • We are led by our values.Each value represents our company and all together our philosophy:


    • Ethics and Honesty

    • Honesty and Objectivity

    • Respect and Seriousness

    • Quality and Professionalism

    • Enthusiasm and Creativity

    • Friendliness and cordiality

    • Teamwork and Positive Attitude

    • Safety and Social Responsibility