Debris Tubes

NEOSKAL carries a carefully selected range of accessories to help its customers work easier and faster.

This range of accessories includes the debris transportation system.

For any kind of work might create debris (especially the demolition) we offer the debris collection system to be utilized in large volumes of debris transportation regardless the number of the floors or the height of the building.
Remember that the transfer of debris costs money and time.

The NEOSKAL system for transferring demolition debris from high floors into collection bins consists from a series of very resistant plastic tubes which are connected together by special metal connectors which ensure safety during use and transport of the debris and diminish the disconnection possibility of the tubes.

The debris transportation system regardless if the debris is coming from construction work or demolitions, offers convenience, speed, safety and low cost of transportation from the floor to ground, helping any professional or individual, performing any type of construction work.

Debris Tubes Model Datasheet Medium weight kgs.
Smooth pipe Diameter sup. 52 cm
Bottom Diameter. 39 cm
Height 108 cm
Chain 21 stitches DIN 763 galvanized 6 mm
Quick hitch galvanized 64 * 45 * 5mm
Hopper Equipped with two mouths: a rectangular to directly download

the debris another roundabout to connect from any column of tubes

Metallic base